music supervision

Creatively painting visuals with music for producers, directors and editors from start to finish.

Creative | Provides music options vetted from pre-cleared vendors within project budget.

  • Curated Track Selections

  • Custom Cue Composition Curation

  • On-Camera Talent

  • Soundtracks

  • Spotting Sessions

Team Building | Facilitates hiring music team (ie. composer, editor, and producers, etc.) on behalf of the production based on their needs and creative direction. 

clearance & licensing

Finalizing the creative by processing the placements into paperwork and delivery stages.

Clearance & Licensing | Master and composition clearances, quotes, approvals, long form agreement reviews and executions for all music used within a project.

Music Budgets | Script spotting, song research and detailed budget estimates. 

Cue Sheets | Preparation for submission to licensor and performance rights societies. 


Guidance for the sync community on the industry including creative and business discussions.

Project Reviews | Early discussions for music in video content, distribution discussions for music releases, press kit & promotional reviews of products.

Listening Sessions | Critiquing music from a sync perspective for guidance when pitching for placements. We will discuss scenes, styles, sound-a-likes and pitching etiquette.

Creative Writing Sessions | Creative guidance for songwriter specifically for sync opportunities. We will review lyrical content, melody, harmony, mixing/production, etc.

Speaking Engagements | Q&A's, Panels, One-On-One Listening Sessions to discuss the music industry, music licensing and creative writing for sync briefs. 

Education | Hosting seminars, classes and discussions on the in’s and out’s of the music industry as a whole.