Music Supervision, Music Clearance, Publicity, Digital Marketing, Events and Consulting

established in 2013, new york.

Awkwardly Naked is a multi-faced boutique firm providing stripped down services that are passion driven with straightforward, honest results. We provide realistic rates for the everyday person and do not take on any business we do not believe we can provide results for.

We love working with like-minded people who live socially conscious lifestyles through independent films, music, publishing, small business owners, public speakers, influencers, products and brands.

Founder, Jessica Gramuglia, believes clients will benefit from her wide variety of knowledge and experience having also worked heavily in publicity, digital marketing and events, which she and her team apply to every project from start to finish. Before receiving her B.S. in Music Industry from Northeastern University, she worked at notable companies such as Glassnote Records, Whitesmith Entertainment and Koffeehouse Music Productions. Upon graduation, she got her start back in New York City on the digital licensing team at the Harry Fox Agency and supervising for local director/producer Matt Van Tine.

Chasing an east coast surfer’s dream, she moved to Southern California where she worked for Warner/Chappell Music, Warner Bros. Television, Freeform (ABC Family), and World Surf League. Independently, she has supervised for brands such as Condé Nast and WiseFool, and independent production companies including Ruhaha Productions, JP International, filmmaker Erik Knutson, and Required Reading.

She is passionate about working with people who are making a difference in the world, protecting our planet and inspiring the next generation to live a fully authentic life. 

We look forward to working with you!

Jessica & co.